A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah

I saw this book all over bookstagram. It was a while ago, but I never forgot about it. How could you forget a title and book cover like this? Without even reading the book, it was already engraved into my mind. Flashforward to when I finally have a copy of the book, but I leftContinue reading “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah”

The Summer of Dead Birds by Ali Liebegott

Do you ever judge a book by its cover? To be honest, I’m not a fan of this book cover. That’s why I was very skeptical about reading it and probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t required for my summer class. However, the poems SURPRISED me. They were easy to understand and follow. There areContinue reading “The Summer of Dead Birds by Ali Liebegott”

Book of Levitations by Jenny Sadre-Orafai and Anne Champion

Solid 4 stars! Book of Levitations is a short, thought provoking poetry book. I’m not a huge sticky tab person, but I marked quite a few poems that I would what to go back to later on. Some poems were deep, some lighthearted, and the two authors made some of their poems deep AND lighthearted.Continue reading “Book of Levitations by Jenny Sadre-Orafai and Anne Champion”

The Heir of the Dark Lords: Volume II by B. T. Harris

3.5 stars! Rounded up on Amazon and Goodreads. This is my favorite book from B. T. Harris! It is definitely darker than the others, especially when Tyran is involved, which adds to the tension and thrill of the read. The only thing that sets me back on this book was that I thought it wasContinue reading “The Heir of the Dark Lords: Volume II by B. T. Harris”

The Heir of the Dark Lords by B. T. Harris

How often do you read indie books? This is the second book that I’ve read by B. T. Harris, and I love his world building. This novel has many things going for it, including fantasy elements, fight scenes, love, adventure, etc., but the setting is what truly brought me in. I could see Aufterra andContinue reading “The Heir of the Dark Lords by B. T. Harris”

Eleanor’s Travels by Aisha Urooj

Eleanor’s Travels is about a young actress traveling the world, meeting new people, and gaining life experiences. What I REALLY enjoyed was the details from other countries. I’ve never traveled so far or to so many places, but this book helped me to see the different cultures from Eleanor’s view. Even though I didn’t readContinue reading “Eleanor’s Travels by Aisha Urooj”

The Brooklyn Sunflower by Patrick Edward Tarpey

The Brooklyn Sunflower was such a fun, short book of poetry and photography! Poetry and photography just go together, and I’m always excited to read something like this. Plus, the book cover is very eye-catching. One of my favorite poems from the collection is titled “Stingray Driver” and ends with these two lines: “The mysteryContinue reading “The Brooklyn Sunflower by Patrick Edward Tarpey”