Cloudland: the secret land that only I can see by Regan Noelle Smith

Four stars! There are many things I like about Regan Noelle Smith’s poetry book. First, the cover is gorgeous! How could you say no to it? Second, the illustrations add to the poems and give a nice touch to the book overall. The poems themselves were beautiful to read and spoke to me on soContinue reading “Cloudland: the secret land that only I can see by Regan Noelle Smith”

Kerriann Macdonald Interview

About the Author: Kerriann Ostlund (formerly Macdonald) is a Massachusetts-based author who writes stories from the heart. In May of 2018, Kerriann published “Good Enough,” a story largely based on true events of an abusive relationship Kerriann was in from the age of seventeen until she was twenty-three years old. A story that Kerriann feltContinue reading “Kerriann Macdonald Interview”

Sleeping Beauty No More by Aisha Urooj

Four stars! Sleeping Beauty No More is the second book I’ve read from Aisha Urooj, and I’ve got to say, this one is my favorite! I love retellings, and Urooj took quite a turn of events in this book. As the title suggests, Aurora wakes up after pricking her finger on the spindle and beingContinue reading “Sleeping Beauty No More by Aisha Urooj”

the truth is: a book of poetry by Trisha Monroe

4 stars! A big thank you to the author for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review! Although The Truth Is: A Book of Poetry is one of the shortest poetry books I’ve come across, it is one of the most relatable poetry books that I’ve read. The poems about the fatherContinue reading “the truth is: a book of poetry by Trisha Monroe”

Blessing’s Key by Charity Eleson

Magic and politics. An interesting combination for a book! The magic was very creative and blew me away. I loved the black goo. It gave more tension and engagement in the scenes. Though I’m not a huge fan of politics in a fiction book, it wasn’t too much here. It didn’t feel like the authorContinue reading “Blessing’s Key by Charity Eleson”

A Prophecy of Wings by Jane McGarry

3.5 stars! A Prophecy of Wings is a retelling of Thumbelina, where the main character’s name is Lina and her adventures are similar to those found in the movie, but Jane McGarry’s book has a twist ending that is very different from the film. I am a huge fan of retellings and grew up watchingContinue reading “A Prophecy of Wings by Jane McGarry”

Nightshades by Harlow Daiger and Marley Del Wood

Nightshades is a short story collection written by Harlow Daiger and Marley Del Wood. Each short story revolves around horror and suspense. I don’t typically read these genres, but I have read a few. Nightshades definitely lives up to the genre! There were many times I found myself unable to put the book down andContinue reading “Nightshades by Harlow Daiger and Marley Del Wood”