About Me

Hi! I’m Jordan – book reviewer, beta reader, editor, author, and poet.

I love all things books. My dream is to have a home library and am well on my way to achieve that goal! I’m also a cat mom, and my fur babies sometimes show up in my posts. My favorite site is my Instagram page because I get to dabble in photography and share the books on my bookcases. Bonus: I follow a bunch of other readers/writers on there and get to see their recommendations!

I have an English/Language Arts degree from Athens State University and am half way done with my Creative Writing MFA at the University of North Alabama. I was first published at the age of nineteen and have since worked with Scribd and have also self-published. Kings and Queens was self-published in February 2020 and is a fantasy/poetry book. I have also self-published a short romance story titled Anticipation.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m enjoying the outdoors and working in my garden. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me!

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