Beena Khan Interview

About the Author:

Beena Khan is a storyteller based in NYC where she brings dark fairytales and myths to life. She writes edgy mafia crime noir, romance thrillers, new adult, women’s fiction, and contemporary fiction that gives you a book hangover. Her books are painful, messy, dangerous, and raw. She has a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and a minor in Arabic studies. She often explores the human psyche. She published her first book, the Name of Red when she was 26. Come say hi at or her Twitter/Instagram @beenaxkhan

Her women’s fiction and contemporary books is where you will find flawed gentlemen. Her dark romance books is where you will find morally gray anti-heroes and villains so there is something for all readers.

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How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? Why?

I have written ten books so far. I only started publishing in May 2020. I don’t have a favorite book. I love them all, honestly but I would say my first debut The Name of Red. It holds a special place in my heart since it’s my very first book. It’s flawed, imperfect, but it’s one of my biggest achievements.

Why did you start writing?

I’ve always been a reader and I’ve grown up reading traditional books. I began starting last year when the pandemic happened. It hit New York the hardest from the rest of the states of The United States. I was working less hours, and I was going through unfinished drafts that I had saved but never wrote. I had time on my hand, so I started writing. Now I’ve turned into a career.

Will you or have you published in other genres? Which ones?

I began writing in literary fiction and women’s fiction before venturing into contemporary and new adult romance. I currently write dark romance (Bully and mafia). I’m hoping to write more contemporary work next year.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of publishing?

My favorite part is finishing the book 😀 And the least favorite is editing. The editing never ends. I personally believe even if you have your book professionally edited, typos sometimes still slip through, so that fear never really goes away for an author.

How did you celebrate when you published a book?

I keep my phone always glued to me 😀 I reshare any posts and any edits by readers. I share the reviews in my stories. I just relax with my husband giving me company. After a certain numbers of books published, I feel you stop celebrating and just enjoy the moment.

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